Pipercross Competition Filter Range

Induction maestros Pipercross have released details of their latest range of competition-spec filters.

The hugely diverse range has been designed to offer a variety of solutions for race teams, car preparation outfits and specialist car builders. Over 40 different combinations of neck and filter diameter are available ranging from 50 – 146mm necks with a choice of 5 filter sizes from 100 to 300mm.

Not only are the range of sizes vast, to accommodate almost every possible application, space or airflow, but also cover varying construction types including foam top, alloy caged and straight walled. All use a precision moulded rubber neck to allow for quick and easy fitment to any circular mating surface. Best of all, they’re all made entirely here in the UK.

As well as increased flow characteristics, all Pipercross filters can actually filter down to a much finer rate than factory filters, preventing any foreign particles from harming the engine, extending its serviceable life. This same construction means that the filter can also go longer between service intervals than even leading cotton-gauze filters, before needing to be cleaned.

Despite these impressive abilities, all Pipercross filters come with a lifetime warranty and can be easily cleaned again and again for re-use, providing decades of faithful service and paying for themselves many times over – and that’s before you start factoring in the significant performance benefits.

Perfect as an upgrade for an existing induction kit, or for those looking for a bespoke solution. Basically, if you need a specialist filter – this range should cover it. Prices start at just £27.99 and rise to £56.99.

For more details on the 3000 vehicles covered by the Pipercross range, please visit www.pipercross.com or call the team on 01604 707750.

RimWax @ £14.99 with FREE delivery

RimWax is a premium wax and polish which delivers a brilliant shine and protective shield. Formulated with non stick technology and anti static guard, RIMWAX is engineered to deflect brake dust, dirt and abrasives.

The guys over at dijitul media, who specialise in internet marketing have some great offers on the range and are currently offering 256gm tubs of RimWax for £14.99 including FREE DELIVERY.

They also have some fantastic prices on the other Smart range such as SmartWax and SmartPolish.

For more information about the Smart range or to buy a few bottles head over the the SmartWax website.

Record Breaking VW Camper Van!

Visitors to Santa Pod Raceway last weekend would have enjoyed both fun and frolics at their superb ‘Big Bang’ VW event, but also the incredible sight of a rusty 56 year old VW Van or ‘Bus’ launching down the hallowed quarter mile in considerably less time than it would take a contemporary Ferrari or Porsche. Adding insult to injury, the bus has been deliberately left with its original patina to add charm and character.

The amazing machine, run by team ‘Wheeler Dealer’ from Frankfurt in Germany is a rare early ‘Barndoor’ model. (so called because of its huge engine cover) This fact alone makes it a five figure museum piece (despite it’s outwardly shabby demeanour) But, as you might imagine, all is not standard underneath, with the van packing a highly tuned VW engine.

Built by owners Tom Gotta and Stefan Betzeüga, the Bus went on to set a new World record for non-turbocharged VW vans, clocking the quarter mile in just 12.656 seconds.. at 102.84mph! Impressive enough for any car, but doubly so when you start to factor in the lack of aerodynamics associated with the much-loved commercial. Driven by Stefan, the VW put in consistent performance all day, despite the sweltering heat, resulting in the crowd pleasing times.

With the outright World Record for any shape of VW Camper standing at 12.5 seconds (also set at Santa Pod by a ‘Bay’ window bus) the team have been invited back to the famous Bug Jam event at the venue between the 17th and 19th of July to try and crack the record once and for all – So make sure you’re there to see history being made!

One thing’s for sure, whatever you’re driving, if you see this old Bus in your rear view mirror.. Best to pull over and concede gracefully. Proof indeed that old VW campers never die.. they just get faster!

For more information, or to book tickets, click to www.santapod.com or call 01234 782828.