If you haven’t heard or you’ve somehow forgotten, the guys at SBMotorsport are building an epic 1000hp Nissan Navara-R, which will host the power plant and drivetrain from SB’s original R35 GT-R.

This build will be the world’s first Nissan Navara-R, with the fire breathing twin turbo VR38 and complete front and rear subframes from the Nissan GT-R too. It’s a build not to be missed!

Nissan Navara-RNissan Navara-R

What if we said you could get involved with the build? SBMotorsport and CTRL are hosting live YouTube streams each month on Baggsy’s channel where you can tune in and learn more about the ins and outs of the builds, as well as asking questions of your own, which could influence how the truck turns out.

Nissan Navara-RNissan Navara-R

The first stream is today, Wednesday 10th June at 19:30 BST. The next live stream dates are:

  • 12th August
  • 9th September
  • 14th October
  • 11th November


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