Are you a fan of Initital D? The writer for the popular manga and subsequent anime series has been publishing the follow-up MF Ghost manga series since 2017 and is now set to become an anime TV series.

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Set to be premiered in 2023, the Japanese manga series has followed in its predecessor’s footsteps, being published in Weekly Young Magazine by writer Shuichi Shigeno since September 2017. And much like it’s predecessor, Initital D, the story follows main character Ryosuke Takahashi (who famously drove the Toyota AE86) but introduces some new faces, including rookie Kanata Livington (or under his pseudonym Kanata Katagiri) who shows up on the scene driving none other than the spiritual successor to the AE86 Trueno, the Toyota GT86, taking on some of the fastest production cars in the world (like the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Lotus Exige and more) and winning…

Set in the 2020s, the story reveolves around a a street racing organisation set up by Ryosuke called MFG that utilise internal combustion-engined cars, despite being set in a Japan that has been overrun with self-driving electric cars.

Announced on January 4, the MF Ghost manga anime series will air in 2023.


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