So in issue 411 of Fast Car magazine we brought you the feature on Tom’s Prima Racing wide-arched R5 GTT, and Dale’s fully customised Merc W114. But what was your favourite build and who has come out on top of the Meguiar’s Tom V Dale battle?


…Tom’s R5! That’s right, you lot voted in your thousands for your favourite Meguiar’s build. In one corner we had Tom’s wide-arched R5 GTT and in the other Dale’s customised Mercedes W114.

Tom Meguiars Renault 5 GTT

Tom’s Prima Racing, Liquid Yellow Renault received 68.2-percent of the vote, making it the clear winner, but we also think Dale’s Merc deserves a special mention here because his build was equally as awesome. But let’s be honest, the Fast Car fraternity were always going to vote for a 90s-inspired R5 GTT because it’s ingrained into our history. That’s taking nothing away from Tom’s build though. It’s a worthy champion.

Dale Mercedes W114

But the overall winner of this year’s battle is car culture, as it looks like the two lads will be going at it again in 2020. Can Dale square the series or will Tom prevail once more? Only time will tell…


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