As the streets got quieter, speeding offences increased by almost double during the month of April in London. Take a look at these speeding offences during lockdown.

While the UK was forced into lockdown during Covid-19, those out travelling set about doing their business in record speed. Unfortunately for them, the Police had not forgotten about issuing speeding fines for those breaking the limits.

While I’m sure all of us are guilty of exceeding the speed limit here and there, some of these recorded speeds are outrageous. Take a look at the top speeding offence in each of the speed limits in London alone:

  • 163mph on a 70mph road
  • 134mph on a 40mph road
  • 110mph on a 30mph road
  • 73mph on a 20mph road

While the headline figure is 163mph in a 70, arguably the most worrying speed recorded was 73mph in a 20mph zone and 110mph in a 30! That’s over three times the limit in built up areas.


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