How badass is this? Those mad scientists at Liberty Walk have had a crack at applying the LB Works treatment to the Lexus LC500, and the results are pretty damn devastating.

Even in unmodified form, the LC500 is an absolute weapon – its super-clever 5.0-litre V8 runs on the Atkinson cycle and uses D4-D direct and port injection, and it’s good for 471bhp. Added to this, you get an interior that’s so swanky it makes the average plutocrat’s mansion look like a piece of crap.

On top of all this opulent splendour,the LB Works kit adds mighty bolt-on overfenders, splitters, and a ducktail spoiler, all available in either FRP or CFRP, and inevitably it’s bagged for maximum awesomeness.

If you’re lucky enough to be running an LC500, you know what to do – get on the blower to Liberty Walk, get all this kit fitted, then bring it over so we can have a play with it.

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