Not content with recently re-engineering the legendary Kicker square subs a few months ago, Kicker have now announced a whole load of slimline versions, the first of their kind anywhere, ever.

We all know that the advantage of thin subs is that they can be mounted in the places that other woofers cannot reach, like behind or under seats, and these are certainly engineered to be useful for that. The 8-inch version will work in a sealed enclosure as small as 5.7-litres for starters. Where slim subs normally fall down though, is on sheer musical punch, but that’s not the case here, these L7Ts prove that you can get big bass from a shallow mount. Kicker Square subs have always been famous for being square, but they also can shift 20-percent more air than any comparable round woofer.

And then there’s all sorts of features like dual voice coils and a deep bumped top plate (for massive cone excursion) to aid in bass reproduction. This will eat up 700, 1000 and a massive 1200watts for the 8, 10 and 12-inchers respectively too.

So, you can get all the nuclear-grade grunt that made Kicker a legend, in a space where no square sub has gone before. Fantastic!

Priced from £180

For more info see Kicker UK


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