Time for some fresh rims… sort of…

Did you read the issue 406 of Fast Car (if not, why not?)? Anyway, if you did you would have read about the new Autostar wheels I fitted to my E92, and lovely they are too. But this poses the question, what did I do with the 3SDMs 0.04 that they replaced? Well, I decided that I’d slap them on the E91 (waste not, want not), while I wait for the rims I’ve bought for the car to turn up from America.

3sdm wheels refurb

The problem was, they they’d seen better days (I’ve still no idea how the curbing happened) and I couldn’t fit them looking like that. A quick search on Google later and I’d found a local company called Diamond Styling, they were just 10-minutes down the road and after speaking to Jack, I slapped them in the car and dropped them off.

3sdm wheels refurb

Just a few days later Jack was back on the phone to say they were ready for collection. How’s that for service!

3sdm wheels refurb

The fresh BMW Alpine white finish is flawless and there’s no evidence of that nasty curbing, they basically look brand spanking new again. A top job by a bunch of guys that love their wheels as much as we do. I’d thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality wheel refurbishing company as they also specialise in 3-piece wheels.

3sdm wheels refurb

All I need to do now is bolt them on, but not before the coilovers are fitted (more on that next month), that’s a crime!

3sdm wheels refurb

3SDM wheel refrurb £384

TOTAL £384


Diamond Styling

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