JULES’ BMW 335I E92 – PART 30

You can’t beat a well-deserved break. But, enough about my trip to Centre Parcs and more about my E92’s new stoppers…


Check out that before picture of my standard brake disc. It’s nasty isn’t it? And while a quick stamp on the middle pedal would get rid of that surface rust, it wouldn’t get rid of the average stopping power of my E92. To be honest, sorting the brakes is one of those jobs I should have done after the tuning work was completed a couple of years back, the faster your car is the better brakes you need. It’s simple science.

So what has stopped me (no pun intended)? Well, originally I wanted to fit a big brake kit to sit behind the 3-piece 3SDMs I had made, but BBKs aren’t exactly cheap and back then I’d been hit in the wallet for the wheels, the paint and the tuning, so funds were a little tight. So I just left them standard, and that’s how they’ve remained up until now…


The dreaded MoT was looming and I knew that the brakes would probably fail, and with the new Autostar alloys showing off the brakes more than the 3SDM 0.04s they replaced the decision was made. Now, while a BBK is the pinnacle of upgrades, the truth is I really don’t use the E92 enough to warrant them, and I’m still toying with the idea of selling up and starting something new. So the perfect solution was to give EBC a call and order a set of USR slotted discs matched to their Yellowstuff pads. These not only look a million times better than the standard setup but the braking performance is greatly improved, which is the primary reason for a brake upgrade!


EBC do many different grades of pads, to suit everything from your grannies Micra to a fully-fledged race car, and after researching the different compounds on their website, I decided to opt for Yellowstuff, these have the really good cold friction and great heat management too, making them perfect for road use but also suitable for track days.


I’ve driven the car approximately 3-miles since having them fitted, so I can’t really give you a test verdict, but I will report back once the car has a fresh ticket and bedded the brakes in. But I already know they’ll be awesome, because I’ve used this set-up on many past cars and will no doubt use it again in the future. And the by-product of this latest upgrade? They look a million times better than the originals too. A right Bobby bonus!

Yellowstuff pads & USR discs (F) £366.66
Yellowstuff pads & USR discs (R) £287.96

TOTAL £654.62


EBC Brakes

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