The only thing newer than the Hyundai i30 N are the modifications available for it…

When Hyundai decided to launch into the ultra competitive hot hatch market with the i30 N, a few eyebrows were raised. Could it really compete with the well established stable of fiercely followed mainstream options from VW, Ford, Vauxhall and the like? Damn right it could…

Now, while it might fall short on some of the performance figures of its rivals, the price tag reflects this and it’s cheaper to buy – which means one thing in our book, more money for mods! It hasn’t taken the manufacturers long to jump on the i30 N tuning bandwagon. The 2.0T-GDi is like most forced induction engines, absolutely ripe for some tuning upgrades, and the already capable chassis hasn’t been overlooked either.

We’ve teamed up with POTN to give you a quick insight into what’s already available for the cracking Hyundai i30 N…


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