The N sub-brand has done a lot to shake up people’s perceptions of the Hyundai marque recently. While we’re well used to the fact that Hyundais these days are reliable, well-made and decent value-for-money (rather than being rattly gloom-boxes with zero cred, like they used to be), it took us all by surprise when they released the i30 N and it turned out to be one of the best hot hatches of the modern era.

In no time at all it became the norm to see these baby-blue N-badged tearaways at shows and track days, and this almighty shift in consumer perceptions appears to have gone to Hyundai management’s heads, because they’ve built… a drift bus.

We should probably point out that this is the product of a Hyundai skunkworks in Australia rather than being a mainstream model. Sadly you won’t be able to stroll into your local UK dealer and pick up a boxfresh iMax N, because this isn’t going into production. Which is a great shame, because when you look over the specs it’s completely frickin’ awesome!

The stock diesel motor has been junked in favour of a brawny 3.5-litre V6, serving up 402bhp and 409lb.ft and throwing it all through the rear wheels via a clever track-biased diff. A bi-modal exhaust system makes all sorts of ludicrous noises, and it’s got all the touchpoints of a proper N machine: the 19-inch wheels from the i30 N, meaty N-spec brakes, clever electronically-adjusted dampers, a functional aerodynamic bodykit, and of course that baby blue paint.

But the best part of all is that they haven’t stripped it out and installed a rollcage or anything – no, it’s still a proper eight-seater. The front seats and steering wheel also came from the i30 N, with the second- and third-row benches trimmed to match, and the team reckon that the drift bus has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution if all the seats are occupied (depending on all your mates’ respective enthusiasm for pie, obviously).

So it’s a great way to scare loads of people at once. Maybe if we all ask really, really, really nicely, they might build another one and send it over here…?

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Words Dan Bevis


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