Here’s how Rimac designs its supercars

We’ve arrived at episode three of four for Rimac’s in-depth facility tour, and this one focuses on how the firm designs its supercars.

To date, the firm has revealed two models to the world: the Concept_One and the C_Two. In the latest video, CEO and founder Mate Rimac takes us through the design and engineering department where the final touches are underway for the C_Two—a 1,914-horsepower electric hypercar. Here, Mr. Rimac says the team gets the last 5, 10, or 15 percent needed to call a design complete. We see numerous simulations of the C_Two on computer screens where the company runs the car’s actual software in the digital world.

Rimac C_Two California

Rimac C_Two California

This tells employees how the car will behave in various situations without building real-world prototypes to test components and systems. For example, one individual in the vehicle dynamic’s team runs a simulation to understand the C_Two’s torque vectoring system.

There are also teams for interior trims, body, electric architecture, and more for safety and crash testing. If you thought building cars, let along $2 million hypercars, was easy, think again.

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac

In another area, the team designs and engineers components as part of Rimac’s supplier business. The company currently supplies batteries for Koenigsegg and it will serve as a supplier for the Aston Martin Valkyrie supercar as well. Pininfarina most recently named Rimac as the powertrain supplier for its own electric hypercar. All of this work on powertrains, batteries, and even infotainment solutions takes place on the upper floor.

The four-part video series is meant to celebrate Rimac’s accomplishments thus far as it prepares to move to a newly constructed facility built from the ground up. There, the future of Rimac will unfold, but Mr. Rimac never forgets where he came from: a small garage.


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