Give Your Car the Full WORX on Father’s Day

What are you up to on Father’s Day? Why not spend the morning giving your loved one a good going over with some battery powered accessories? We test out WORX’s complete automotive range and show you how to play more and WORX less, sorry not sorry.

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The Products


WORX 12V Cordless Jump Starter, £119.99

This small but powerful gadget should be in every car’s glovebox, not only will it jump start your car, but it’ll also power-up your iPhone and gadgets with its two USB ports! And that’s not all, it also triples as an inspection lamp, flashing safety light and torch.

Fast Facts:

  • Petrol Engine Rating: 4.0 Litres
  • Diesel Engine Rating: 2.0 Litres
  • Multi-function lamp
  • Two-way USB mobile device charging
  • IP54 waterproof

WORX 18V Inflator 4 in 1 Tool, from £79.99

Here’s another versatile product in their range. Its primary function is a powerful tyre inflator, in fact, it offers up to 10Bar of pressure and considering most cars only need a quarter of that, it’ll definitely have you covered. What we really like is the digital gauge, just pre-set your desired pressure, plug it in and push go. There’s no waiting around checking a jumpy needle here, it’ll automatically switch off when it hits the number. Plus, if you’re having to use it at the side of the road, there’s a breakdown warning light built in.

Fast Facts:

  • Inflator, tyre pressure monitor, work light and breakdown warning light
  • Intuitive compact design
  • Digital LED for an accurate gauge
  • High-pressure inflation of up to 10Bar for tyres and inflatables
  • POWERSHARE 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools

WORX Hydroshot 20V Portable Pressure Cleaner, from £85

We tested the Hydroshot when it was first released (read the review here) and it was a great product then, but now they have added to the range. The base model is the single pressure WG620E, while their flagship WG630E has a super-powerful brushless motor. The one we used in the above video is the dual-speed and original WG629E. These are an essential product for show season as it can draw water from a bucket or you can even attach a plastic water bottle.

Fast Facts:

  • High & lowpressure settings
  • Up to 10x more pressure than a garden hose & nozzle
  • Self-priming function can draw water from bucket, pool, river etc.
  • Quick connection to garden hose or tap
  • POWERSHARE 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools


WORX 18V Cordless Orbital Polisher, from £69.99

Imagine the situation. You’re at your favourite car show, you’ve just washed all the dirt off your car using the Hydroshot and now you need to give your car a quick polish! Simply detach the battery from your WG630E and then attach it to this orbital polisher and get buffing for a swirl-free finish. Being an orbital polisher means it’s super-safe, too.

Fast Facts:

  • Full-size 254mm buffing applicator
  • Powerful motor delivering 3,000opm
  • Machine Weight: 2.0 kg
  • POWERSHARE 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools


WORX 20V Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum, £109.99

So, your car is all shiny on the outside but what about the inside? Don’t worry, WORX have you covered here too with this awesome cordless wet and dry vac. This thing is super-powerful and versatile, as it won’t just suck but it’ll blow too! It comes with several attachments and has the Powershare facility, so you can use the battery from your Hydroshot or Orbital Polisher to fire it up. If you’d prefer a more compact vacuum then look no further than their Cube Vac. (!

Fast Facts:

  • Suction pressure (kpa): 16kPa air
  • Capacity: 8L
  • 2m extension hose
  • Blow function
  • POWERSHARE 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools

WORX Landroid S300, from £499

Okay, this isn’t exactly an automotive product but like when we mentioned in the video, if you spend less time doing the boring chores, the more time you’ll have to spend on your car – and that’s exactly what the WORX Landroids are all about, they’ll automatically cut your lawn for you. The one in our video is the entry level S300 which is for small lawns up to 300sq m, but they do models for very large areas and rough terrain, too. Simply pick the one best suited to you, set it up and never worry about cutting the grass again!

Fast Facts:

  • Wi-Fi connected for automatic software updates
  • Save the Hedgehogs mode
  • POWERSHARE 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools


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