A full-size 1:1 scale LEGO McLaren Senna is going on show at E3 in Los Angeles. Requiring close to half a million bricks to create and taking months to build, the car will be on display throughout E3 inside the Microsoft Theatre.

The brick-built Senna moves the model-car game on in ways befitting an Ultimate Series McLaren. The statistics behind it are mind-boggling: in total, 467,854 individual LEGO elements were used in its construction, which is almost 200,000 more bricks than were used to construct the 720S model of two years ago.

Working shifts around the clock, teams of up to 10 model-makers needed 2,725 hours to click together all the pieces for the LEGO McLaren Senna, nine times longer than it takes to produce each painstakingly hand-assembled real Senna (300 hours).

Including design and development, a total of 4,935 hours went into creating the model, involving no fewer than 42 men and women from the LEGO build team.


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