It has been said that modern Beemers are some of the easiest cars to tune to mental power with relatively simple mods. And you know what? We reckon that observation is pretty much spot on.

One of the biggest problems with any engine tuning though, is when software reaches the limit of getting enough fuel to compensate for a major hike in airflow. That’s when hardware has to step in, and the reason why you’ll already find a shed load of larger aftermarket injectors on the market.

That said, there’s big and there’s BIG… and then there’s these 1800cc bastards that are absolutely enormous, well over double the size of the originals. That’s an almost unbelievable amount of fuel to dump in when you think about it, you might as well just stick the petrolpump straight in there and be done with it!

It goes without saying that these are for insane applications only, but they’re currently available for the S55 lump you’ll find in the M3 and M4. But what’s most important is that they haven’t skimped on the build quality or features, these still use the OE spray pattern and are also E85 compatible, which we have no doubt that they need to be at this level.

Price £1350

For more info see Deatschwerks


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