Tesla’s batteries, Autopilot data, and Hardware 3 will be an edge in 2019: fund manager

By Simon Alvarez Posted on January 15, 2019 There are times when something becomes so clearly evident; it becomes difficult to ignore. For a lot of Tesla’s longtime critics, this would be the company’s lead in the EV market. Tesla proved that it could compete in the auto market in 2018. According to a fund […]

Tesla Powerwall 2 gets included in Australia’s battery subsidy plan for 40k homes

By Simon Alvarez Posted on January 15, 2019 In a rather ironic twist, Tesla and its Powerwall 2 battery have been added to the list of choices for South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme, which aims to provide subsidies to 40,000 homes. The inclusion of the Powerwall 2 battery to the subsidy scheme comes amidst the […]

Tesla is giving away a Model 3 in Pwn2Own hacking contest

By Simon Alvarez Posted on January 14, 2019 As part of Tesla’s efforts to ensure that its vehicles remain the safest on the road, the electric car maker is once more opening itself to security researchers. This March, Tesla would be participating as the sole automaker in Pwn2Own 2019, a three-day cybersecurity contest set to […]