Elon Musk teased an image of Tesla’s Pickup Truck but no one noticed

Posted on March 16, 2019 Elon Musk revealed a glimpse of Tesla’s “Cyberpunk” Pickup Truck the night he unveiled the Model Y. But there was a slight problem. No one noticed. So he dished out the spoiler. As Musk pointed out through a series of tweets, there was, in fact, a “something else” that evening […]

Tesla Model Y test ride: first impressions of Tesla’s latest 7-seat SUV (VIDEO)

By Simon Alvarez Posted on March 14, 2019 Tesla has unveiled the Model Y, a seven-seater, 300-mile, all-electric SUV that is expected to be even more popular than the Model 3. Similar to the Model 3 unveiling, Tesla offered test rides in the Model Y after the event. Teslarati was able to acquire a slot […]