We all love a bargain, especially when we want parts but need to convince the other half it’s not just “another part” for the car…  so we’ve selected five of the best deals this Black Friday 2019.

Fast Car subscription

It’s what you’re all here for, right? A subscription to our illustrious magazine is the best way to celebrate Black Friday 2019 and what’s more, you get to read all of our ramblings on in print each month as we feature the best modified cars across the planet.

Auto Finesse

For Black Friday 2019, Auto Finesse has introduced a “buy this get that” offer meaning quite simply, if you buy one thing you get another free. Not bad hey? This applies to a ridiculous amount of products as well. We quite liked the look of Iron Out coupled with a wheel cleaning brush as a wheel cleaning starter kit. Or even the buy one get one free on drying towels. Might be time to stock up for winter…

Black Friday 2019


Have you been putting off your audio install and focusing on the rest of your build? Good, because now’s the time to finish the interior. Kicker has reduced a whole host of products by 20% for Black Friday 2019. When we say a whole host, we mean it. We just jumped through six pages of offers from subs to amps, tweeters, speakers and even headhpones! While you car is off the road for winter, get it ready for the 2020 show season.

Black Friday 2019

Auto Finesse

Wait, didn’t you already mention Auto Finesse? Yes, yes we did. The “buy this get that” offer isn’t the only one it’s running… Want a big bundle of products right away without having to trawl through each product? This kit was £330 last week. This week? It’s £195.95! Madness.

Air Lift

We think this one might be popular. Air Lift just whacked a 25% discount on most of its products. Best of all? It can be bought through your local authorised dealer as well.


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