Thor Racing Laser Cut Stainless Instruments

Thor Racing Laser Cut Stainless Instruments. Cut A Dash! For the one component that you spend most of your driving time looking at, your poor old gauges are usually at the back of the queue when it comes to improving aesthetics. Luckily, THOR Racing has stepped forward to banish dreary dashboards forever with their beautifully […]

Prolong Waterless Car Wash and Shine

Prolong. Clean Car. Warm Hands. Clear Conscience Just when you’d given up all thought of braving the cold to wash the family motor, those clever chaps at Prolong have come up with the perfect solution. The Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine range gives a factory shine without the need for buckets, hoses or even water! […]

Just Subaru from Revolution

If you own a Subaru Impreza, then life is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to Revolution’s new website, , going live in January 2010. As its name suggests, this latest online store deals solely with lines for the Subaru marque in general and Impreza model in particular. Its easy to use […]