Pipercross Land Rover TD4 (Puma Engine) Panel Filter

Owners of Land Rovers fitted with the TD4 engine will be delighted to learn of the latest bespoke panel filter from induction specialists, Pipercross. The new filter is a direct replacement for the OEM part, dropping into the factory airbox in seconds. Thanks to a far superior flow rate, the filter can often bring improved […]

Samcosport Mitsubishi L200 Turbo Kit (TCS-360)

Those Welsh silicone wizards at Samcosport have once again turned their inimitable talents to improve and prolong the life of the Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up and its many variants. The hardy truck is a ubiquitous sight on UK roads and Samcosport’s three-piece kit is hand-fabricated to be even tougher than the Mitsi itself, being able to […]

New Ford Richbrook Gear Knob

Automotive accessory designer Richbrook have added another superb officially sanctioned Ford accessory to their vast range; a stunning Italian leather gear knob. Available in versions to suit both normal and ‘lift for reverse’ fitments, the new gear knob fits the vast majority of Fords ever made. Beautifully finished in the finest Italian ‘Durasoft’ leather and […]