While BMW focuses on bringing us the M5, the Alpina B5 saloon and Touring bring about 200mph performance in an unassuming package.

Based on the BMW M550i, the Alpina B5 saloon and touring models have received a power hike over the outgoing models, meaning the headline figures are now  and 590lb ft of torque. Great pub figures, but what does that mean? Well, 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and 205mph top speed for the saloon, and 3.6 seconds and 200mph respectively for the estate.

Alpina B5Alpina B5

Other upgrades to the roughly £105k super-saloon includes an updated chassis with electronically controlled dampers, stiffer brings and bigger brakes.

The Alpina B5 also gets electromechanical rear-wheel steering, which is said to improve around-town manoeuvrability, as well as high-speed stability. A number of other manufacturers use this technology such as Mercedes-AMG, Renault and Lexus, to name a few.

It’s the touring, though, that stands out here as BMW doesn’t offer a fast alternative to the Audi RS6. While this is certainly more unassuming, would you have one over the RS6 given both are the same price?

Alpina B5Alpina B5Source

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