Yet another Fiat 500 special-edition delivers a Pista the action…

The Fiat 500 is a modern success story, there’s no denying that. It’s been around forever, or so it seems, and people keep buying ’em so Fiat keeps churning ’em out.

There have been more special editions over the years than we can count (our favourite probably being the crazy Abarth 695 Biposto, with its dog-ring gearbox, stripped out interior and bucket seats), and – surprise, surprise – there’s a new one.

It’s actually a pretty compelling package, going by the name of Abarth 595 Pista – neatly stealing a bit of kudos from Ferrari’s use of the Pista nameplate.

It’s got a funky new Garrett turbo that winds it up to 165bhp, along with a ‘Record Monza’ active exhaust (the valves controlled by the Sport button) and Koni’s clever Frequency Selective dampers.

Abarth 595 Pista

Not a bad package for £19,135, and obviously Fiat are eager to throw all sorts of finance deals at you. Want!

Words Dan Bevis


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