As we said a few months back, trying to put all our favourite wheels in one little feature would do little more than cause an office riot. So, having seen the big man’s and chief Jules’ all-time favourite wheels last time around, here’s a few thoughts from our Midge…

My first set of wheels was, if I can remember back that far, some 6.5×15-inch BK Racing 7-spokes, which I crammed onto my 1.1-litre Mk3 Fiesta and immediately proceeded to drive around like I owned the whole of Dartford. Good times!

Let’s just say I’ve owned more than a couple of sets since then. Having worked on FC for 15-plus years and spent the best part of that reviewing quite literally hundreds of the buggers, I’ve seen many more than my fair share too. But what would I actually spend (and indeed, have spent) my own cash on? Well, here are my FC Favourites…

best alloys wheels

2Forge ZF1, from £720 (set)
These are pure, all-business, lightweight racing wheels and I like that concept. But it isn’t the design that floats my boat most here. It isn’t even the fact they make use of the most recent flow-forming technology to achieve a (7.5×17-inch) starting weight of just 7.4kg. Nope, it’s more that, rather cleverly, they can be spec’d to fit just about anything with big enough arches.

You see, like all other 2Forge wheels, and the cast offerings from their sister company Bola, these have special ‘PCD pockets’, which are elongated blanks that can be drilled to just about any PCD. It doesn’t matter who you are, that’s quite the innovation!

For more info see 2 Forge Wheels

Sizes: 7.5, 8, 9 and 9.5×17, 8, 9 and 10×18
PCDs: Any 4×98-4×114.3, any 5×100-5×130
Finishes: Matt Black, Gloss Black, Gunmetal, White


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