2007 Audi S6 Avant for sale in US for V-10 hauling needs

Audi never sold the third-generation S6 Avant in the U.S., which led some people to build their own. One of those S6 Avant clones is now up for sale on Cars & Bids.

This wagon is a 2006 Audi A6 Avant with the powertrain from a 2008 Audi S6 sedan, according to the listing. Recall that both models were sold in the U.S. when new; we just didn’t get the S6 in Avant wagon form. While the S6 Avant didn’t launch until the 2007 model year, this car is still listed for sale as a 2006 model because that’s how the donor A6 Avant was registered.

That means the wagon now has a 5.2-liter V-10 similar to the one used in the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan supercars. Coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission, it produces 435 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque in this application. Audi’s familiar quattro all-wheel-drive system is tuned for a 40/60 front/rear bias in this case as well.

2007 Audi S6 Avant clone (photo via Cars & Bids)

2007 Audi S6 Avant clone (photo via Cars & Bids)

The modifications don’t stop with the powertrain swap. A tweaked exhaust system lacks catalytic converters and includes a Maserati-sourced resonator, as well as Milltek mufflers. Stopping power is provided by Brembo front brake rotors from a 2008 Audi A8, with 2008 Audi A6 Sport Package rear brakes.

This car’s builder also tried to replicate the appearance of a stock S6 Avant, adding an S6 front bumper, LED daytime running lights, and polished mirror caps, as well as the correct European-spec tailgate. Rocker panels were sourced from an Audi RS 6 of the same generation, while the 20-inch wheels are from an Audi S5. The Avant was also repainted in Sepang Blue—a factory color.

The interior has all of the requisite S6 bits, including an S6 instrument cluster, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and Recaro seats, as well as door sills with the S6 badge. Aluminum pedals and carbon-fiber trim are included as well.

2007 Audi S6 Avant clone (photo via Cars & Bids)

2007 Audi S6 Avant clone (photo via Cars & Bids)

The odometer currently shows 109,000 miles, but because the stock A6 instrument cluster was removed, this car is listed as “true mileage unknown.” The seller claims the S6 engine and drivetrain had approximately 101,000 miles when the swap was performed.  We also drove this very car in 2018 and, aside from wooden brake-pedal feel, it seemed pretty solid.

This S6 Avant clone will likely prove to be a much cheaper way to performance wagon nirvana than a new Audi RS 6 Avant. The latter is available at U.S. Audi dealers, but with a $117,595 base price (including destination) and without that distinctive V-10 engine.


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