Scorpion Unleash New BMW E92 E35 Rear Silencer

Exhaust maestros Scorpion have released their latest rear box onto the market – and it’s bound to be popular; The new BMW 335i.

After a considerable amount of road and dyno testing, the new back box is available as a direct bolt-on replacement to the OEM part. Whilst the fit and finish are certainly as the factory intended, power gains are most certainly not! – with consistent improvements of between 5 and 10% being recorded during Scorpions extensive testing regime.

Each unit is precision fabricated at Scorpion’s UK factory from aerospace quality T304 Stainless Steel. Carrying a lifetime guarantee. The sound is far more sonorous than the standard item, with a nice growl when pressing on, but keeping a subtle note for comfortable cruising.

Usefully, this box will fit all Coupe, Touring and Convertible models with either petrol or diesel power, providing more grunt, more growl – and more grins. Priced at just £495, it’s the first essential modification for any 335.

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Scorpion Release New Mitsubishi Evo X Decat Downpipe – X-traction

Adding to their already superb cat-back range, exhaust maestros Scorpion have released the missing part of the puzzle for all Mitsubishi Evo X owners. A fully de-catted turbo down-pipe!

This beautifully made part is fabricated here in the UK by Scorpion’s own technicians. Constructed from aerospace grade T304 Stainless Steel, the down-pipe bolts directly onto the back of the turbocharger to offer a dramatic reduction in constriction over the factory part. After extensive dyno testing, gains of between 25 and 30 bhp were consistently recorded on both UK and Jap-spec cars.


The ‘open mouthed’ neck offers maximum gas-flow, whilst the large 3” bore ensures that spent gasses continue their rapid egress from the engine. As you would expect from a such a prolific OEM manufacturer, the down pipe includes a stainless steel flexi-joint to allow engine movement under load, a thick 10mm flange to avoid distortion at the joint, plus factory lambda positioning for ultimate performance.

As well as fitting Scorpion’s own system, this new pipe can also be interchanged with OEM parts, allowing owners to upgrade their system gradually, to spread the cost.

Priced at £449.00 including VAT – and complete with a lifetime warranty, this is one easy way to get maximum extraction for your X!

For more information on this, or any other Scorpion product – or to order your free catalogue, please contact the sales team on 01773 744123, click to or visit the

New Scorpion Corsa D VXR Full System

Exhaust specialists Scorpion have unveiled their very latest design; a full Sports Cat system for the new Vauxhall Corsa D VXR.

Their comprehensive new system is fully interchangeable with the OEM exhaust, meaning that each component can be fitted in stages, allowing enthusiasts to spread the cost in tuning their car. All parts are precision fabricated here in the UK from aircraft grade T304 stainless steel.

scorpion_corsa_vxr_back_boxThe range consists of a smart rear back box, with its unique triangular tail pipe, which perfectly fits the factory bumper aperture for a superb finish. This is sold with a free-flowing stainless mid-pipe which dramatically improves gas flow and sound. For those looking for ultimate power and aural improvement, the turbo down pipe and Sports Catalyst can be ordered to give up to a 10% improvement in horsepower and torque, yet with total legality on noise and emissions.

Prices starts at £169.95 for the Turbo down pipe, £395.00 for the Sports cat and just £362.95 for the entire cat-back system. With the flexibility of being able to swap and change with factory components, making all the right noises needn’t break the bank!

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