New Ford Richbrook Gear Knob

Automotive accessory designer Richbrook have added another superb officially sanctioned Ford accessory to their vast range; a stunning Italian leather gear knob.

Available in versions to suit both normal and ‘lift for reverse’ fitments, the new gear knob fits the vast majority of Fords ever made. Beautifully finished in the finest Italian ‘Durasoft’ leather and fine anodised aluminium detailing, it also comes with a choice of two shift pattern inserts, to allow you to tailor it to your exact specification.

Apart from your steering wheel and seat, when you think about it, this is the one component that you spend all of your driving time interacting with. So don’t settle for the factory’s idea of perfection, add your own shifting perfection for just £36.95.

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Richbrook Launch New Official Ford and Vauxhall Collection Aerials

The style gurus at Richbrook have created yet another understated masterpiece for both their Ford and Vauxhall Official Collections; a low profile, high quality roof aerial.

The new part comes branded with the appropriate logo for each marque and offers a unique set of features that allow fitting to almost every model in each manufacturer’s range that came with a roof mount as standard.

Despite its diminutive size, the Richbrook aerial offers brilliant FM reception, and thanks to a range of different sized thread attachments that come with it, will fit almost every factory base mount, irrespective of model or year.

Best of all, also included is a slim-line spanner that fits on a hidden flatted face within the recess on the aerial, allowing it to be tightened up as a theft deterrent.

So, if you’re the kind of person that want a great reception wherever you go, treat yourself to one of these. At just £14.95, it’s form and function in one perfectly styled package.

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Richbrook ‘Slant’ Gearknob Range.

It’s not unusual for style maestros Richbrook to mix form and function, but their latest design really raises the bar in terms of fit, finish and feel. The ‘Slant’, as its name suggests, uses an attractive offset top section to give a unique ergonomic grip for easy shifting.

Two finishes are available to suit every type of interior ambience. Choose from the classic feel of lacquered hardwood for retro, classic or executive cars – or the sporting luxury of the finest Italian leather for sports or luxury motors.

Both designs fit practically any car (except for collared ‘lift for reverse’ type) and fit simply in seconds to create a true OEM quality upgrade. Better still, Richbrook also offer a wide range of gear gaiters and collars to really make the installation look ‘factory fresh’.

Both are priced at just £28.95 and come with a wide range of both 5 and 6 speed shift patterns for the ultimate finishing touch. Why not try a new slant on changing gear?

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Richbrook ‘Pro Valve’ Bolt-in Wheel Valves. High Quality. Low Weight

Funny isn’t it? Most enthusiasts will think nothing of dropping four-figure sums on a nice set of alloy wheels and tyres for their car – and then finish them off with a cheap rubber valve. Luckily, the latest aluminium masterpieces from Richbrook provide the perfectly formed answer to any automotive aesthetes looking to add the perfect finishing touch.

Their immensely attractive Pro Valve collection is offered in either nickel plated brass or anodised aluminium in a wide range of hues to match or contrast with any car’s colour combination. As the title suggests, these new units are simply bolted into the wheel to not only provide a more secure fitment and seal, but also a subtle visual kick to any style of wheel. They’re also a worthwhile addition to any track car or club motorsport racer looking to remove the worry of rubber valve failure during those more ‘press-on’ moments.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that can make the biggest difference. Priced from just £12.95 for a set of 4, this is one subtle change that can make or break a wheel and tyre package, without wilting your wallet.

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Richbrook GT Collection Tax Disc Holders

While it may be remembered as the decade that taste forgot, compared to the monochromatic ‘80s and pastel-hued ‘90s, car designers from the 1970s seemed to have a lot more fun with their colour palette. Thankfully, with fashion being a cyclical business, manufacturers like Ford, Porsche and Dodge have once again been bold enough to release models like the Focus RS, Cayman and Challenger in shades that wouldn’t look out of place at a roller-disco.

Ever one to reflect the times, car fashion gurus Richbrook have released a strictly limited run of their best selling tax disc holder range in a stunning range of vibrant colours to match or contrast with the paint of your ST, RS or SRT! Choose from Viper Green, Daytona Orange or Le-Mans White to accent your dreaded road-fund licence.

The holders fit quickly and neatly to the windscreen with the clear adhesive pads supplied, and to make life easy once a year, the back simply twists off to allow the insertion of a new disc. What could be simpler? Priced at just £16.95, they’re even retro-priced!

Add a splash of colour to your car. For many of us, it could be the nearest we ever get to that GT3 RS!

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