Cobra Suspension For The Toyota iQ

With the new Toyota iQ seeming to offer a perfectly proportioned mix of economy and ability, Cobra Springs have also added ‘excitement’ to that list.
With every road tester loving the car at its launch, but being a touch underwhelmed by its handling prowess, The Cobra kit comes as the perfect upgrade package to maintain the ride quality whilst massively improving the handling. Lowering the car by 30mm, the lower centre of gravity brings improved turn-in, pin-point accuracy and a real sense of fun, without ruining the character of the car.
The heat-treated springs are powder coated for a long and durable life – even on the UK’s salted winter roads. Each spring is cold-formed for accuracy before being heat treated for strength and durability. Finally each and every spring is shot-peened to pre fatigue the spring and eliminate sagging. This lengthy production process explains Cobra’s confidence in their product and their 5 Year warranty.
So if you fancy the ecological credentials of the superb iQ, but with a far more aggressive stance and vastly improved dynamics –  It looks like you can finally have your cake and eat it.
Two kits are available for all 2009 on cars. One kit for the 1.0 and a heavier wind for the 1.3 petrol and 1.4 diesel models. Both are priced at £139.00 + VAT and lower the respective model by 30mm all round.

For more information visit the Cobra suspension website at

Cobra Springs Release Nissan Cube Suspension Upgrade

Leading suspension manufacturer Cobra has released a superb new spring upgrade kit for the latest version of the quirky Nissan cube. The cute leftfield MPV has many virtues, but up until now, pin-point handling hasn’t been one of them!

Cobra’s engineering led solution uses pre-fatigued and shot peened springs to lower the car by around 30mm. Not only does this do wonders for the stance of the geometric Nissan, but also adds a significant dynamic improvement to the whole driving experience. Turn-in and general handling are greatly improved without ruining the Nissan’s compliant factory ride quality and best of all, the springs are designed to work perfectly with the factory dampers.

With a thick protective powder coat and numerous anti-corrosive treatments, it comes as little surprise that all Cobra kits come with full TUV approval and a class-leading 5 year warranty. Prices are as yet unconfirmed, but expected to be in line with the rest of the Cobra range.

For more see the list please visit or call Cobra UK on 01530 517920.

Cobra Clio C Sports Lowering Kits. Hot Frog!

Leading suspension manufacturer Cobra Springs has released details of its lowering spring range for all models of the popular Clio ‘C’ model – available from 2005 onwards.

The Cobra range offers no less than 6 different kits for the popular hot hatch, covering all engine variants from the 1.2 right up to the 2.0 16valve model and in a range of drops from 25-45mm.

The manufacturing process behind each kit sets it apart from the competition. Each spring is cold-wound from high tensile Chromium–Silicone wire before being shot-peened for longevity and then finished with a phosphate treatment and baked-on resin powder coating, for a hard corrosion resistant shell.

With the kit fitted, the new, lower centre of gravity improves turn-in and driver response, whilst eliminating roll and keeping the car flatter and more positive in sweeping turns. The kits also come with an unparalleled lifetime warranty against breakage, making them unique in the UK marketplace.

Prices start at £114.29+ VAT for most kits.. So what are you waiting for? Get on down!

For more details please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920

Cobra Honda Civic Suspension Range

Performance Wheels, the UK importers of Cobra suspension has unveiled its latest cost-effective suspension upgrade for Honda Civic models of all ages from 1983 to the present day!

Priced from just £70.63 + VAT for the 2 spring kits and £106.35 + VAT for the 4 spring versions, the Cobra range is aimed at enthusiasts looking for maximum control and precision – for a sensible outlay. Coil spring units offering a drop of -40mm are available for the earlier ’83-87 cars, whilst owners of the later models can choose lowering springs with drops of between -30 to -55m as well as a range of high performance shock absorbers. Those looking to achieve sublime handling and stance can choose from an extensive array of coilover units which on the higher spec models offer full bump and rebound set-up. Height adjustment is vast with drops from – 20mm to – 80m achievable with just a twist of the setting tools that come with the kit. These start at £409.18 VAT for the painted Evo 1 kits or £573.18 + VAT for the version with full stainless steel bodies to offer maximum resistance against corrosion. Ideal for the UK!

Thanks to Cobra’s advanced damper technology, progressively wound springs and urethane bushings, ride quality remains remarkably compliant, despite the car exhibiting far less roll in the turns and being far more responsive to driver inputs.

The spring range benefits from a full 5 year warranty against fit and finish and the shock absorbers and coilovers benefit from 12 months comprehensive cover. All units are fully TUV approved. Whichever  Civic you run.. and no matter how deep your pockets, Cobra have a solution to suit.

For more details on the Cobra range, please click to or call the team on 01530 517920.

Cobra Vectra C Spring Kit Out Now!

Cobra Vectra C Spring Kit Out Now!

The launch of the latest Insignia range has caused ripples of excitement throughout the motor industry. Its elder sibling, the Vectra C, still has plenty of fight left in it however, and thanks to Cobra Suspension, now has the cornering prowess to run rings round the new upstart.

The new Cobra kit is available in different fitments to suit all variants and drops them all (5 door, Signum or Estate ) by a tasteful and practical 30mm – more on the lesser engined variants. By lowering the car’s centre of gravity, both turn and traction mid corner are greatly improved whilst driver feedback and enjoyment are considerably heightened. Those looking for a true pan-scraping stance can specify the -45m versions, which still feature a progressive wind for comfort and control.

All Cobra springs are pre-fatigued to avoid the ‘sag’ more commonly associated with aftermarket suspension. They’re also electrostatically powder coated for a long life and rust free existence. This quality is backed by Cobra’s comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Despite the quality, the price weighs in at just £126.19 + VAT. A great way to make your Griffin spiffin’.

For more details please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920.