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*Report* Local Classic Car Meet Scarcliffe
05-07-2013, 01:38 PM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2013 02:48 PM by Alanman.)
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*Report* Local Classic Car Meet Scarcliffe
The Horse and Groom pub Scarcliffe have been doing a classic car meet 1st and 3rd Thurday for a few months now. The boss goes every time and has been asking me to go in cab for ages now. So last night, Clare was at work and Simon knew I was home alone so he asked again and this week I gave in. It's not far from me and it was a nice night so why not.

Luckily the car was still reasonably clean from Ford/Jap at weekend and just needed a mist and wipe and some fresh tyre gel.

I was a little bit apprehensive pulling up to a classic car meet in Bigcab. It's not like I could sneak in and park at the back is it?
But to be honest it wasnt as bad as I thought. I had a few people looking round it and asking questions and the general opinion was that it wasnt their thing but they appreciated the work. I'll take that as a win. lol

It's not a huge meet (I'm sure we could change that) but on a walk round it there were a few nice gems. The venue had/has potential to be a nice meeting point with a grassed area at the back with plenty of benches in the seating area.

Anyway some pics of the few cars I took.

Strangley drawn to this beaut
[Image: classic07_zps87820da7.jpg]

Some chap balling in his roller, dont think it was on air or anything though.
[Image: classic13_zps09db6ada.jpg]

A minter of a Triumph Spitfire and not so mint but still probably worth a fortune MG A

[Image: classic12_zpsdf8e03de.jpg]

A nice old MG and Triumph in pride of place infront of the pub
[Image: classic11_zps9cbd44a9.jpg]

Okay its not a classic but a 5 series on 19" spider alloys does it for me.
[Image: classic10_zpsf769d567.jpg]

Same with the porker, it aint really a classic but it did look the tits.
[Image: classic08_zps22dd3ea1.jpg]

M coupe, with black alloys and red leather, yes please
[Image: classic09_zps334b2cd5.jpg]

Bigcab chilling next to a future classic Rover Sterling.
[Image: classic04_zps84ca5073.jpg]

We wernt the only plastic fantastic car there.
[Image: classic03_zpsd7421d74.jpg]

There's always a nice old bus at a classic car meet. This was nice.
[Image: classic05_zpsdeb9d50d.jpg]

Another not so classic car but still a nice example
[Image: classic01_zps1bfa71a9.jpg]

A closer look at this MG, you realise how clean it was
[Image: 12457aba-ecce-4896-8723-a16cdbfbaf65_zps8d8caff4.jpg]

And finally the bosses concourse BMW 2002 convertable. Annoyingly perfect. lol.
[Image: 7bc79d16-1a29-4bb3-9d38-1e9378c7b3d1_zps8c8de256.jpg]

The next meet is in 2 weeks. I recon we could have a few extra cars for them to look at.
[Image: TRIO_zps6cf8f5e5.png]
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05-07-2013, 02:32 PM
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RE: *Report* Local Classic Car Meet Scarcliffe
God that 2002 is ugly! Mint, but deffo not a looker!

Also, future classic Rover Sterling? mmmm

The Z3 Coupe is ace. they are awesome looking things
[Image: sig2010.jpg]

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05-07-2013, 02:47 PM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2013 02:47 PM by Alanman.)
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RE: *Report* Local Classic Car Meet Scarcliffe
The Rover Sterling is a 2500cc V6 Coupe. It was the top of the range in it's day so I'd say it should be a future classic. I'm not saying it'll ever be the same as an old Roller or Jag but it will be one of those cars that stick around.
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