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*Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013
01-07-2013, 01:45 PM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2013 06:54 PM by OllieWestwood.)
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*Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013
A nice local meet that we always look forward to. According to google Thoresby is a short 9 miles away. But that would be too easy. We were attending the show with the "Derbyshire and Southyorkshire Ford Meet" and their official meeting point was the middle of Chesterfield. Going to the show is great but the ride there in a huge convoy is as good a part of the day as the show itself. So my short 9 mile trip turned into a 32 mile cruise, awesome. Up one hour earlier than needed and 23 miles further but thats what its all about.

This photo was stolen/borrowed from the Derbyshire and South Yorkshire FB page. But its relays the reason for the trip to Chesterfield. The line went further round the corner too. There must have been 15+ cars. I think Bigcab stands out a little. lol.
[Image: Thoresbycruise_zps16c7f4ae.jpg]

We now had a nice steady ride to Thorseby (back past my house) for an epic day with some of the coolest old Fords in the area, and the odd Jap car for balance. lol.

Go to the show, parked up and set to cleaning the cab, Clare was not here yet, she was coming straight from work in the ST500. The sun was out and the birds were chirping, I knew it was going to be a good day.

I'll start with some of the Fords I snapped.

The cab lined up first, why not. [Image: FORD01_zpsb95f4628.jpg]

I was instantly drawn to this awesome RS500. Over heard an old couple questioning why they had painted it that colour and they didnt like it.
[Image: FORD15_zpsbc2a5573.jpg]
[Image: Ford19_zpse6a495ce.jpg]

A classic Escort Cosworth sitting pretty
[Image: FORD14_zpsc79365b1.jpg]

One of many S1 turbos. Class
[Image: FORD13_zpsf9d6e519.jpg]

3 door Cosworths always get me excited. rbrbrrrrrr
[Image: FORD10_zpsf21b0c5f.jpg]

Nice mk1
[Image: FORD09_zpsa54b1c30.jpg]

There was a couple nice RS1600i but this one was perfect.
[Image: FORD07_zpsa675b4c1.jpg]

It was even still running the twin coils. That is special.
[Image: FORD06_zpsf5b64667.jpg]

There's always a corner of the show where the clean freaks gather.
[Image: FORD05_zps468c4689.jpg]

I've got plenty of photos of this. RWD gartrac Escort cabriolet.

[Image: FORD18_zps93daff14.jpg]

The Focus ST owners were there in Force, now that would have been an epic convoy if they all came together.
[Image: FORD03_zpsc93aadf4.jpg]

A rally rep Repsol Escort Cos to finish the Ford secotion off nicely.
[Image: FORD02_zps1acf1d05.jpg]

I was also asked to get some pics of the Jap cars. I though this was going to be hard after a morning fix of Ford goodness, and the fact that most of the Jap car were expected to be a the Pod today for the Jap Show, but there were plenty of nice examples. So after a couple of cars I was into it like a true Jap fanboy (wearing a Ford teshirt obviously).

I was draw to these beaut like a moth to a flame, it was awesome.
[Image: Jap20_zps8758b50b.jpg]

[Image: Jap15_zpsc17a6d42.jpg]

Nice clean and subtle Celica
[Image: Jap18_zps1ffc23e0.jpg]

A pair of GT-Fours sitting there, hard as nails.
[Image: Jap14_zpsb8e930a8.jpg]

Always loved the Starion. But wonder if its just a poor translation from Japan and should have been badged "Stallion" lol
[Image: Jap09_zps12431d5f.jpg]

[Image: Jap10_zps921ef821.jpg]

Nice clean T-SPort but not sure about the wheels :-/
[Image: Jap08_zpsa1211890.jpg]

Stupidly clean MX5 that looks like its never driven a day in its life.
[Image: Jap07_zps77acde5e.jpg]

A line of GTOs and 3000GTs. There must be at least 10,000bhp sat there.
[Image: Jap06_zps16711957.jpg]

And finally a mean looking Evo sat on the Scene Status stand. Very Nice.
[Image: Jap04_zpsc49056fe.jpg]

Also at the show they added to the mix, general classic cars and bikes. So heres a few for your enjoyment.

Clean as you like BMW
[Image: Classic02_zps7f213eba.jpg]

A pretty special Chevette. Well the owner thought so anyway.
[Image: Classic03_zps670f5edf.jpg]

A couple yank tanks
[Image: Classic04_zps02307653.jpg]

[Image: Classic05_zps38a18cc4.jpg]

One sat on its arse.
[Image: Classic09_zps197563ba.jpg]

Hill Billy truck looked cool
[Image: classic07_zps6325c3e6.jpg]

There were some classic old bikes but didnt even get any photos. I have no interest in these olf things. They were just noisy and annoying.

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01-07-2013, 02:59 PM
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RE: *Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013
nice pics Icon_smile the ST's did seem to all come together lol we were sat at the bottom of the field as they all drove in... epic convoy indeed
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01-07-2013, 06:56 PM
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RE: *Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013
The celica is amazing.

Can't work out if it looks busy or not, what's the new layout with the classics and stuff thrown in like?

Also, no shiny's for Big Cab Icon_sad
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01-07-2013, 07:35 PM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2013 07:38 PM by Alanman.)
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RE: *Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013
They sacrificed categories to incorporate the other marques. Bigcab only entered two catagories this year and in the past there's been loads more. And seemed to be rushed. We entered 80 - 89 Fords and Modified Fords. Judge by two guys from XROC and shock horror a XR2 won off their club stand. And a Focus ST with lambo doors and some othe shite won the modified section. Ni sour grapes or owt though. Lol.
In the past they broke it down further, to specific models of Ford and even a specific catagory for Cabriolets. Onky 1st place trophies too, no seconds.

Still a good day out though and we'll do that same again next year I'm sure.
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02-07-2013, 05:17 AM
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RE: *Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013
The guy on the mic sounded like a douche. Proper spat his dummy out
~Never Drive Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly~
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02-07-2013, 01:09 PM
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RE: *Report* Thoresby Ford and Jap 2013


Nice pics man thanks for sharing Icon_smile
I am Olly
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